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Text Distortion Effects using Blotter.js

Some text distortion experiments using the Blotter.js library. The idea is to distort text as we scroll or move the mouse.

Text Distortion Effects using Blotter.js

Shave - A modern javascript plugin for truncating text within an html element

Shave is a zero dependency javascript plugin that truncates multi-line text to fit within an html element based on a set max-height. It then stores the diff of the original text string in a hidden <span> element following the visible text.

This means the original text remains intact!

Source: https://dollarshaveclub.github.io/shave

Hello, CSS!

Hello, CSS! is a CSS template which styles most elements to neutral and aesthetically pleasing defaults.

Find it here: https://github.com/Carpetsmoker/hello-css

Responsive Layouts Using CSS Grid